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Now available in South Africa! Plegium® Smart Pepper Spray

Spray + LEDs + Sirens + Alerts

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The world’s best pepper spray

Plegium® Smart Pepper Spray is the first pepper spray that connects to your phone, texting an exact location alert to your emergency contacts. It also features a powerful siren, flashing strobe LED lights and maximum strength pepper spray formula.

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High intensity spray

Potent Pepper Spray which will temporarily blind the attacker and delivers multiple shots up to and over a 3 metre range.

High pitched siren & scream alarm

The sirens attract attention to the scene and put the attacker off. The siren is very loud at 130 dB.

3 LED flashing strobes

The LED strobe lights illuminate the scene at night and disorientates the attacker.

Automatic SMS alerts

The mobile App links the spray to your phone via Bluetooth. When activated, it sends a text message with your location to your loved ones.

Automatic emergency calls

List your emergency contacts who will be phoned automatically when you are under attack.

4 Year Battery Life & Extended Warranty

No charging required with 4 year battery life from first use. Extended warranty from date of manufacture. Ideal for the technology savvy. Great investment in your safety.

Plegium® Smart Pepper Spray

The world's most advanced personal safety product.

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Thank you for giving me and my family more freedom. This unique Smart Pepper Spray gives me peace of mind knowing my whole family can be outdoors together and feel safer.

– Sarah Stringer

The technology behind the Smart Pepper Spray is phenomenal! I feel much safer knowing that I have a Smart Pepper Spray. I love the sleek, modern design and the comfortable grip.

– Miriam Visser

It’s a really good thing to have on you, especially if you are out and about in the city, or camping/running/walking in the mountains. I like the fact that it drops a pin to your exact location.

– Rebecca Webster

The Plegium® Smart Pepper Spray can certainly be that "something" that can buy you a few seconds to get away from an attack. In today's times you cannot afford not to have this Smart Pepper Spray with you at all times!

– Hugh Roe

Smart Pepper Spray is what we have all been waiting for! As a mountain biker it is an essential part of my equipment. It gives me confidence that in an emergency my family are contacted immediately and know exactly where I am.

– Ian Robert

It’s an “no brainer” as far as my safety is concerned!! The Smart Pepper Spray doesn’t only go off with pepper spray, but also emits loud sounds and bright blinding lights. It also sends a dropped pin of your position to your family to alert them and shows them exactly where you are!! This is the most effective and easy to use safety device on the market! It’s a must have.

– Else de Jong


What I LOVE about this pepper spray is the fact that one’s location is sent to chosen people on one’s contact list . Makes me feel very safe in the knowledge that people would be alerted, should I be in trouble. Absolutely LOVE this product and couldn’t recommend it more highly.

– Sandie Clur

The feeling of safety is priceless. Since purchasing my Smart Pepper spray I feel safe and I feel strong for being proactive about my own and my family’s safety. It comes with clear instructions and the added features are simple and adds an additional layer of safety.

– Louise Chiat

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Plegium® Smart Pepper Spray

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